Business Development

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Market Research

We have worked with Technology and Professional services firms to research key market sectors and identify growth opportunities. We have undertaken […]

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Industry Assessment

QPMS evaluates and provides advice on the attractiveness of industry sectors prior to a specific target company being identified.  QPMS […]

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Business Modelling

Are you looking for new revenue streams, new markets, new business or new products and services? Do you want to […]

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Business Planning

As business plan consultants, we will help you refine your business model, identify your most profitable customers, fine-tune your marketing plan, and improve your sales […]

Organization Development

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Organization Restructuring

Organization restructuring often means making critical decisions about how to deploy or re-deploy talent. Organization’s need insights into where to […]

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Manpower Planning

Our Recruitment Process attracts talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection […]

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Business Process

QPMS has helped hundreds of clients to improve execution and meet the needs of customers better by applying business process […]

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Business Process Re-engineering

We help organizations identify weaknesses in their current processes and develop new ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve […]

Financial Advisory

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Financial Models

We specialise in developing robust financial models and tools that give you unprecedented insight into your business. Using a structured […]

  • valuation


Our experience in business valuation gives you assurance that appropriate methods are used to reach accurate, reliable estimates of the […]

  • risk

Risk Assessment

Applying advanced tools for consequence modelling combined with updated failure data, we are the natural partner to choose for a […]

  • feasablitiy

Feasibility Studies

We create high quality feasibility studies that are individually crafted for each venture and project. The time and energy you […]


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NGOs Strategy

QPMS helps NGO’s and non-profit organizations to raise more money, build a stronger board, plan for the future, fix problems […]

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Government Strategy

QPMS helps government to build strategy. We puts the benefits of strategic planning within the reach of all sectors. Government can […]

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Product Strategy

All great products start with a clear strategy that is customer and market driven. Strategy is not just important to […]

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Marketing Strategy

TWell-executed marketing programs drive up both revenue and profits. QPMS works with companies to structure such programs carefully to target […]


  • e-procurement


Taking into consideration the e-procurement specification and requirements of your organisation, we provide e-procurement solutions that manage the purchasing cycle […]

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Contract Management

We have expertise and experience in providing commercial and contracts guidance and advice at all stages of the contract lifecycle, […]

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Low Cast Sourcing Strategy

QPMS can assist your company in the procurement of items and services. Together, we and your organization can find the […]

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Tendering Document and Process

QPMS provides professional assistance with tender and proposal writing and preparation. We regularly assist our clients to win large projects […]

Smart technologies in Building and Industries

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Softwares and Appliactions

QPMS provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize systems and optimize processes for smarter […]

  • robotis


QPMS helps process automation using robotics. We also help in developing process for mass production of products in your industry […]

  • access

Access Control

QPMS is also a security and management solutions provider. Our experts apply knowledge gained from decades of planning and designing secure […]

  • automation


QPMS makes recommendations without bias for technology and supports every phase of your projects — from startup and commissioning to ongoing […]

Assets management and evaluation

  • value addition

Assets value addition planning

Assets value consultants at QPMS are expert in assets value addition, natural resources value addition, property value addition, machinery and equipment […]

  • posession

Secure Possession

Just throwing materials in the trash a less secure method of removing trade secrets or strategically important documents from the […]

  • properties

Properties Identification

We have experienced consultants for properties identification. Consultants at QPMS work as a part of your company for properties identification […]

  • assets

Assets market value assessment

Our strategic asset management services enable organisations to manage their assets and systems in a sustainable way to optimize their […]

Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) Studies

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Fire and gas optimization studies

QPMS can provide a full range of loss prevention engineering support services for fire and gas detection systems. QPMS can assist […]

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Environment Review (PHSER)

The overall objective of the PHSER process is to assure the company that HSE – sensitive areas have been identified […]

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Project Health Safety

QPMS provide advice on many aspects of workplace safety, including the design and implementation of health and safety management systems.

We […]

  • hazid

Hazard identification studies (HAZID)

HAZID is an internationally recognized industry method applied to identify hazardous events. The main focus in a HAZID (Hazard Identification) […]

Funds Generation

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Private and public partnership

QPMS helps your company to generate funds for different public and private sectors partnership. It can also become a source of permanent […]

  • realestae

For real estate development

QPMS has generated funds of real estate development for many of renownable companies and organization. We also keep a database […]

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For industry expansion

QPMS helps generate fund to provide a catalyst for the widespread development of your industry development and infrastructure modernization. We have a […]